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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 9, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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chanting we are one. the chief stoeld told me while the letter is hateful, contents may not rise to levels of a hate crime. that is because there are no specific threats. they're looking for the individual or person who's sent this, they'd like to have a conversation with them and make sure there are no other motivusu@>$ we'll have more for you tonight at 6:00.cklsiñ >> rain is back, but how long? that is the question. >> it's been light. i want to show you right nown1, our radar on mount st. helenad2, tracking the moisture. as we take you in closer here, i'm going to show you where we've seen showers from santa rosa. we've seen light showers so far, 2/100ths in petaluma
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now. you can see light returns showing up. .á6 lakeville highway gettig rurnz. vallejo, you can see here heading out towards fifth street. very light returns. taking you down toward east and south bay, want to show you what it looks like out there. some light returns and north, we're seeing colder air arriving. north of clear lake. this is some snow showing up. we'll see the possibility of snow here locally. i'll show you where a winter weather advisory has been issued here locally and when freeze warnings are going up.?s >> thank you. we're learning more aboutrs bizarre case out of pittsburgh. police say a robbery that ended in(ú0mnáhe death of a intruder was a complicated
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conspiracy. all four being held on suspicion of murder in the death of robert lindsay. of husband stabbed lindsay during a break in but it wasn't an ordinary attempt. police say ty was having an affair. >> it's some confusion if he was going to move out or reconsidering. this angered his wife. she plot aid burglary with her current boyfriend. >> the husband who is often identified has moved out of the apartment. >> the san francisco man accused of setting his ñ scheduled to appear in court to face charges. the victim's family is getting support from antidomestic violence advocates holding a vigil for star lamar tonight.
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it's a story on abcoxj" 7 news. >> that is right her daughter is here at st. francis in the burn unit. our mother is numb, and still in shock. >> last thing she said to me was mama, can you help me? hold me. he did this to me. >> anita parker says she's been unable to sleep since sunday, her daughter st lamar was burned almost beyond recognition. this was her smoldering sweater on the ground on third street. police say the 25-year-old mother of three was doused with gasoline, then, set on fire by her boyfriend, after an argument at this laundromat. >> i want to be face-to-face with him to hear what -- i want to say to him why he put me through this. why he put her through this?
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her kids through this? >> 22-year-old dexter oliver is in custody, facing charges of attempted murder and arson. the family tells us they learned he has a criminal history, including domestic violence. >> i feel like i sudden have done something. this is just signs he had, he would have done it sooner or late year oliver is being held in the medical psychiatric unit in county jail, scheduled to be rained to. a law enforcement source tells abc 7 news he has an arrest record dating back to 2008 and has been on probation since october 2011 for what authorities called domestic related incident, violating probation and allegedly attacked his girlfriend. antidomestic violence activists believe this tragedy can be a teachable moment. about a a.bus in our community. >> it's very hush hush.
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we pretend it's not going on. people act like it's not their business. it is our business. and we need to be a part of de >> that woman runs programs for women and batterers at glide church. the vigil will be held in about an hour in support of star lamar, her family and other victims. >> a $12,000 reward being offered to recover ai."ññ piecef someone took a gold box from the museum monday morning. police say surveillance video indicates it is the same who broke into the museum in november. the big worry is that is that item could be destroyed.
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>> we appear to have been having problem was video. we apologize. they're worried it could be melted down. it's described as a seven by nine inch skbaurts golden crusted box weighing about three pounds. the museum won't talk about value but some say it would be worth more than $800,000. the theft of the artifacts appears to be a growing trend, someone stole $3 million worth of gochld a glass case related to the area's mining history smashed and thieves took off with a large gold nugget. >> tonight police asking for help in finding a suspect in the murder of a san francisco woman. investigators released images today showing the victim with a man on sunday, october 21. cruz later found stabbed to
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death inside of the apartment. the man authorities are looking for is described as mixed race male between,;bxw ags 26-35 years old. he had long hair parted down the middle and several braids, you can see in this sketch. if you can identify this man, call the police department. >> the cost of repairing damage to bay bridge bumper guard is a lot higher than first expected. the agency overseeing the bridge says repairs could cost millions. abc news joins us wlif the new information. leanne? >> according to the kmirks the cost is between $2 million and $3 million, more than what they'd anticipated. these are new pictures of the inside of the fender system that helped protect one of the towers of the bay bridge.
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the committee distributed photos. the tower itself was not damaged. monday, former caltrans spokesperson told reporters that this system did what it's supposed to do. >> we'll not have to be doing work on the bridge other than to repair the collision with the system. >> the fcc says it will cost $2 million to $3 million to repair. why so much? the fender is expensive to fix. special equipment must be brought fl to repair it. ncc has money to cover costs but will try to collect money from the tanker owners. there is one key person joining in, to try to
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determine if human error is to this is where we're ready in this stage of the investigation. at this point we're collecting as much data as we can. >> this morning a representative of the ship and registry was transported tod2$r the oil tanker. the overseas raymar has a marshal island flag. oil did not leak into the bay. now we told you the pilot maneuvering that tanker had three previous accidents.÷ofu÷ also we're told the investigator fromtsgp the natiol transportation safety board will make himself available perhaps tomorrow to the press to give some kind of information.
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i'm live on treasure island abc 7 news tu. a natural gas leak force smd residents out of their homes today. sky 7 was there as crews rushed to stop the leak. construction workers replaced a water line and that cause aid loud hissing sound. a strong smell of gas permeated the area, worrying everyone. cruise capped the leak. >> more news ahead including why you may need to say cheese next time you go to disneyland. >> efforts to get abx dog treat recalled. finally, pays off. what the company agreed to do, today. >> then, from 7 on your side, a car that will pick you up on command. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues in one minute.
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several baseball biggest stars did not get into the hall of fame today. clemens among 27 touchdowns candidates. guys like clemens and bonds have been connected to performance-enhacing drugs. the reporter who exposed the doping says it's just another reminder of baseball's steroid era. >> baseball never figd out how to process the steroid era. it's awkward for the game and fans. and this is more awkwardness. >> players will need votes and they have 15 years to earn the votes. >> well, one step closer to
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nfl getting back on the ice. board of governor as proved a new player contact today. the league's 49 game season expected to startçxc[ january 1h now. sked yulz are still being worked out. new deal splits revenue 50-50 between players and owners. players expected to approve the deal before saturday. >> a local woman's efforts to get a dog treat recalled pays off. today announcing it's recalling its jerky and grillers home style treats. nestle took similar action with its brands. the treats linked to the deaths of 361 pets in the united states. a woman says her dog died after eating the treats after trace amounts of an antibiotic from china, banned in the u.s. were found in the product eecurity firm facing a lawsuitdo
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after a custodian was sexual assaults, authorities say, at the company. a former security guard at the company is now serving nine years after he raped a former custodian. the victim has now filed a lawsuit claiming both electronic arts and allied security should have known they were doing this and could have prevent add tacks. >> apple may be working on a budget version of the iphone to be released this year a source tells bloomberg it could sell between $99 and $149. "wall street journal" reports it could have a different body than the standardized phone this, is as sales of less expensive devices just sky rock yitd so far, apple declined to comment on the reports. >> multi day ticket holders in disneyland are now getting their pictures taken when they enter the park in an effort to
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crack down on those abusing the system. disneyland says when used a second time, workers will see a picture pop up on the screen. if it isn't the person in the picture the guest will not allowed to use the ticket. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> wall grens will pay $1.4 million in fines to settle claims of charging customers wrong prices at the register. >íu+1g michael finney is here. >> this is huge in the bay area, seeming to be on every corner here in san francisco. district attorneys have settled their complaints today against a giant pharmaceutical chain claiming scanners sometimes settlements. walgreens will offer a $5 seltelment agreing to pay a $1.4 million fine without admitting wrong doing. wall streens -- wall greens
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tells 7 on your side we're committed to fair pricing, fully informing shoppers and giving our customers products they want at competitive prices. this agreement under scores our commitment. sales figures show wages up by 3 plt 5% last year. analysts reported five jobs saw biggest increases. let me show you what they are. construction workers enter up, then, we've got... engineers and architects 3.9%. information technology workers earned 4.4%. median publishing made a come back with pay of 4.6%. that is dan and -- anyway. marketing up 4 p.2%. why everyone is celebrating in
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our sales division. we've heard of dharz drive themselves but what about driverless cars that are will come, pick you up? that. not only parking itself but drives over to pick you up. stern says you can call it a smart phone. >> it's amazing. also being able to press a button, see the car start up, then arrive where you're standing. it's pretty down right amazing. >> wow. >> audi says it's still 10 years off before you'll be able to buy one. >> yes. yes. >> amazing. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> sure. >> bay area is buzzing with playoff fever. the game is saturday at candle stick. we want to see your team pride. you canl#çñ e maim mail to you
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report and we'll be posting them and showing as many as we can on the air. >> what will weather be like for the game? that is the question. >> sandhya patel. >> we're going would w.mostly clear skies for that game. it's going to be cold. upper 40s and dropping into mid-40sc#o for 49ers games so just bundle up. here is a liveykykycy g look frn jose. light drizzle now and people need to drive slower, great advice. here is a look right now. i'll show you we're seeing moisture.a# it's very light and has been scattered in nature. tennessee street we're seeing wilson avenue, some very light showers. some rain now. very light. berkeley, drizzle.
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and damey city, you can sigh light rain haegd towards highway 35. down towards south bay, that viewer just tweeted it's pretty much drizzle. it's going to be slick on roadways. the difference between this storm and other storms, this one is cold. snow starting to approach moving into n.right now. no chain controls now. i expect they will pult up chain controls shortly here. temperatures a good two to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, it's breezy out there now. winds picking up. showers and snow levels 1500 to 2000 feet and freezing nights. you're going to feel the chill. the system coming out of the
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gulf of alaska it's a cold storm. speck yeld clouds is the coldest air of the season so far. heading into friday morning so we'll go with cold light showers. you'll see k67 p.m. showers here or there. showers may be more wide spread at 10:00 p.m. low snow levels up to the north. 5:00 a.m. thursday, we'll see showers along the coast goinging to be the best possibility. look at 8:00 a.m. some sun breaking through. rainfall totals from nothing to about 1500 of an inch into thursday evening. this is going to translate into the south. a winter weather advisory, thursday, 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. two to three inches of snow expected up to an inch as well
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as 1500 feet. so true winter weather there. gusty winds, travel delays chain controls likely. five to seven inches of snow expected. coastal areas we have a beach hazard statement. next couple days high tides of over seven feet, coyote creek, more than 10 feet. jbéigg be aware of that. tonight it's going to be cold. low 30s to low 40s. we do have freeze warnings coming up friday 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. looking at highs for thursday, cold. mid-40s to the low 50s. accu-weather forecast freezing cold morning friday, saturday.
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slight chance of showers sunday morning and after that, it's a drirks milder pattern. >> thank you so much. >> coming up next probation check turns into a rescue for this guy. yae. a gator guarding a parole's illegal business. >> then, at 6:00 new technologies offering hope for "ñ take a severe toll on everything from your vision to the quality of you
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well we've heard dogs but a man is accused of having a guard gator to protect his marijuana stash. >> sheriff deputies went on a probation check at the home of the person and found a five foot gator in his bedroom. >> they also found 34 pounds of marijuana they say the
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alligator served as a deterrent. >> myer taken to jail. >> bart police looking for the owners of a series of stolen bicycle items. take a look at these. we've posted a link on abc 7 officers say they found 10 bicycles, 57 tires and other parts inside of the richmond tomorrow. they searched after arresting him for trying to sell a stolen bike back to owners at ashby station. >> that will get you. >> the all star line up for the president'sjv- upcoming inauguration. next, performers he helped. >> and jimmy kimmel live airs week nights here at the new time, following abc 7 news at 11:00. abc n
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coming up at 6:00 an accused parking lot contanman tells about his history of ripping off drivers and how easy it could be to stop it. also, staggering number of sex offenders tampering with gps bracelets is getting lawmakers attention now in a big way. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. now, back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> we're learning more about the upcoming presidential inauguration celebration january 21. it's going to be an all star line up beyonce will sing the national anthem at the ceremony, kelly clarkson expected to perform. >> james tailor singing "america the beautiful". that is going to be a nice show. >> thanks for joining us i'm cheryl jennings.
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this is "world news." tonight, overflow. flu patients flood emergency rooms, waiting 24 hours for care. doctors wearing masks and today, you've been sending us videos of the first symptoms to strike. >> every day it's just getting worse. hidden dragon. we investigate chinese companies suspected of tricking americans out of billions of dollars. mirror. mirror. see how drinking too much, even twice a month, over time, can change the way you look from this to this. and, a league of her own. an ordinary high school swim meet and oh, my gosh, a gold medalist shows up to compete. see what happens at the pool in colorado.


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